The 10th ECE logo is available in three options. The echinoderm drawn on the logo is the oral view of blastoid Tympanoblastus pousirewskiiCodaster barkhatowae», see Yakovlev, Ivanov, 1956, fig. 22; Macurda, 1983) from the Lower Permian of Timan. The logo was drawn by G.A. Anekeeva and G.V. Mirantsev.

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Group photos
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Abstracts of 10th European conference on echinoderms/ Borissiak Paleontological Institute RAS/ Moscow/ September 16-19, 2019. Editors S.V. Rozhnov, P.Yu. Dgebuadze, G.V. Mirantsev. Moscow. 2019. 114 p. group photo