Ordovician deposits of the Saint Petersburg area (proposed dates: September 11-14, 2019): Saint Petersburg and vicinity. Sightseeing in Saint Petersburg (including Zoological Institute [RAS]), fossil collecting at quarries and outcrops exposing Ordovician rocks.

Field trip 1_1
diploporan Protocrinites fragum
Field trip 1_2
trilobite Asaphus sp.
Field trip 1_3
Putiovo quarry

One-day excursion to Upper Carboniferous (Moskovian) deposits of the Moscow region, about 100 km distance from Moscow, at a rich locality with Palaeozoic echinoderms and other invertebrate fossils (mostly brachiopods, corals, bryozoans, molluscs) as well as Jurassic taxa such as ammonites, belemnites, etc.).

Field trip 2_1
crinoid Cromyocrinus simplex
Field trip 2_2
echinoid Archaeocidaris rossica
Field trip 2_3
Peski quarry

Trip to the White Sea Biological Station of Moscow State University (WSBS) The White Sea Biological Station (WSBS), named by A.N. Pertsov, is an educational/research centre under the auspices of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. The station is situated on the Karelian coast of the White Sea. The biological station is used as a base for training students from Moscow State University in marine science, geography, geology, etc. During the summer season more than 350 students of five faculties of Moscow State University join different field courses at the station. The excursion will include an introductory session to marine animals near the WSBS, trawling and work on a research vessel.

General checklist for the post-conference fiel trip.