Moscow is the capital of Russia, its administrative, economic, political and educational center. It is one of Russia’s major cities. The present-day Moscow is the seat of the government and the President of the Russian Federation. Moscow is an important industrial city. Its leading industries are engineering, chemical and light industries.


September is a good time to travel to Moscow. Temperatures gradually drop recording an average of 12 degrees Centigrade, ranging from a high of 15 degrees Celsius to a low of 8 degrees Celsius. Autumn marks a period of time between the hot summer season and freezing cold winters, a perfect season to steal some fun and pleasure out of sightseeing. We advise you to monitor the weather forecast before the trip.

Public transport

The Moscow Metro is probably the most magnificent subway of the world. It is not only beautiful, but also cheap, reliable and runs on time. In Moscow the Metro is often the fastest way to get around the city: during the day the intervals between the trains takes 1-7 minutes and never longer. Most stations of the Moscow Metro operate from 5:30 am to 1:00 am.All metro stations are equipped with red/grey Emergency-Information-Points with two buttons. The emergency button is located on the red side and the information button on the grey one. There are video surveillance cameras and alarm systems in all stations and passages of the Metro. The Moscow Metro is equipped with metal detectors. The Moscow metro is the most beautiful metro in the world, every station has its own character, almost every is a masterpiece. It is not possible to enter the Moscow Metro without a valid ticket. The most popular transport card is “Troika” card. You can purchase one in a ticket box at any train station, or buy a single ride ticket from a terminal in metro. Troika card can be used in metro buses, trolleybuses and trams. The cost of this trip is 38 rubles by this card. The same card can be used at Moscow Central Circle; it is a separate kind of transport: a ground orbital urban rail line that encircles historical Moscow. The Central Circle Line has 31 opened stations. There are 5 direct transfers to other Moscow Metro lines and 9 more transfers available within walking distance from MCC stations.

Alternative transport

Taxi services in Moscow are also popular (Yandex.Taxi, GetTaxi, Uber X, Uber Select, Uber Black)


Moscow is served by three international airports:

  • Domodedovo
  • Sheremetyevo
  • Vnukovo

The best way to get to the city centre and back is by Aeroexpress trains - speed trains connecting Moscow railway stations and airports. Business class seats are available. Tickets can be purchased before boarding or beforehand online by visiting the official Aeroexpress site

There are nine railway stations in Moscow:

  • Belorusskiy (Aeroexpress)
  • Kievskiy (Aeroexpress)
  • Paveletsky (Aeroexpress)
  • Kazanskiy
  • Kursky
  • Lengradskiy
  • Yaroslavskiy
  • Savelovskiy
  • Rizhskiy

Trains to Moscow come from London, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, and many other European cities.

Visa and entry

Normally a foreign visitor should apply for a Russian Visa to enter Russia. Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, Colombia and Chile can enter Russia without a visa for the period of 90 days. Citizens of Cuba, Thailand, Turkey, Montenegro and Ecuador can stay in Russia without a visa for up to 30 days. The same visiting period without a visa is afforded to citizens of Serbia, but with the availability of biometric passports issued after April 8, 2008. We will provide help in visa application. We kindly ask you to pay attention that according to the Production calendar, in the territory of the Russian Federation the following dates are official days off:
- 01.05.19-05.05.19
- 09.05.19-12.05.19


The official Russian currency is Rubles (rub`li). One rouble consists of 100 kopecks. ATMs abound, credit cards are widely accepted, and it’s a good idea to have cash with you as well.

Power outlets

Russia uses 2 round European outlets «Type C» Europlug and the «Type E». You can easily find an adapter at an electronics store or online. Russia uses 220 volt electricity.

Accommodation for 10ece2019
1.Hotel «Uzkoe»

Adress: Russia, Moscow, Litovskiy boul. 3A


The Hotel «Uzkoe» has long been located in the South-West of Moscow in an amazing place on the edge of a large Park, near the old manor, the honorary possession of the famous princes Trubetskoy, and now protected by the Russian Government as the state monument of historical architecture.

Location relative to important places:
  • Place of participant – 15 min by foot, 30 min by car
  • Teply Stan metro station – 10 min by car, 20 min by foot
  • Central exhibition complex "Expocentre" 40 min by car
  • «VDNH» - 45 min by metro
  • to the center of Moscow - 15 min by metro
  • to Central stations - 25 min by metro
  • to the airports «Vnukovo» and «Domodedovo» - 30-40 min by car

Standard Single 2500 rub/night. Single bed.
Breakfast is included


Standard Double 3400 rub/night. Two single beds.
Breakfast is included


Standard Triple 4400 rub/night. One double and one single bed.
Breakfast is included.

Check in time – 14:00
Check out time – 12:00

Booking procedure

You can book a room in the hotel via your personal account after the registration on the website.

  1. Log in to Your personal account
  2. Click on the «Accommodation»
  3. Choose the hotel
  4. Choose type of the room
  5. Confirm the arrival in and arrival out
  6. Choose the date of check in and check out
  7. Press the Confirm button
  8. Go to the Payment Section

Attention! In case of system shows you the message: «Cannot be paid. Please wait the confirmation for booked dates from the Official service agent MAKO Congress Management» please write us to Your application will be processed in 2-5 days.

Cancellation and refund policy:

Cancellation after 29 July 2019 – 100 % penalty
Please note: all refunds will be made within 30 days after the end of the Conference.

2. Prince Park Hotel, Moscow

Adress: Russia, Moscow, Novoyasenevsky av. 1B, building 1


Modern hotel. Every day many Russian and foreign tourists and businessmen choose Prince Park Hotel as a place for work and rest. Comfortable rooms will allow you to relax after a business meeting or make your trip more carefree. You can stay here for a long time and not worry about the impeccable quality of service. Guests and everyone who has ever stayed in our hotel will definitely come here again.

Location relative to important places:
  • Place of participant –5 min by car, 25 min by foot
  • Teply Stan metro station – 3 min by foot
  • Central exhibition complex "Expocentre" 40 min by car
  • «VDNH» - 45 min by metro
  • to the center of Moscow - 15 min by metro
  • to Central stations - 25 min by metro
  • to the airports «Vnukovo» and «Domodedovo» - 30-40 min by car

Standard Single 4900 rub/night. Single bed.
Breakfast is available


Standard Double 5500 rub/night. Two separate bed.
Breakfast is available


Standard Twin 5500 rub/night. Double bed.
Breakfast is available

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation after August 10, 2019 – a fine of 100%
Please note: all refunds are making within 30 days after event

Room reservation counted only after 100% payment

Check in time – 14:00
Check out time – 12:00

Booking procedure

To book a room please write to this email: with the following items:

  1. Write your fool name
  2. Dates of check-in and check-out
  3. Include the promocode: 10ECE2019 to get a special offer for our participants or contact by the phone:

Attention! If the system shows the message: “can Not be paid” expect confirmation for the selected dates from the official service agent MAKO, please report to the e-mail address: Your request will be processed within 2-5 days.